Accommodation in the Student dormitory for students and staff in international mobility programs

Accommodation for incoming students and staff can be provided at the Student Dormitory in Foča (https://sdfoca.com/). There is a section for both visiting students and staff.

In the student dormitory there is the possibility of meals and prices vary depending on the number of meals. Rooms are double, have bed linen, towels, TV and refrigerator. Bed and breakfast, half board or full board can be booked, so the price depends on the arrangement.

The price of full board for one month for students or for staff is 250 EUR (recommendable).

Accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to your study stay at the Faculty of Medicine.

Contact details:

International.mef@ues.rs.ba, qaofficeuis@gmail.com

Accommodation in the Student dormitory Foca for international students per academic year

Accommodation for incoming students can be provided at the Student Dormitory in Foča (https://sdfoca.com/).

The minimum cost in a double sharing room would be 500 BAM, that is 256 EUR on monthly basis.

The students would have 3 meals provided – breakfast, lunch and dinner within the above price. The meals contain all kind of groceries: meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, snacks etc. 

The dormitory doesn’t offer accommodation only; it comes together with meals.

There is no cooking in rooms, but the dormitory has one shared kitchen on each of the 3 floors that contain a refrigerator and stove. Students can use them whenever they want. 

Regarding students who come to mobility, the price will be calculated proportionally for the period of stay at the Faculty of Medicine.

Private accomodation

There is a possibility of finding private accommodation in our city. Regarding this option, we suggest that you make a reservation through public advertising (eg. booking.com) or with our support, you only need to inform us via e-mail (International.mef@ues.rs.ba, markonen@ues.rs.ba) to check availability and other details.

* The Medical Faculty of the University of East Sarajevo will conduct the process of finding accommodation for all its incoming students and staff.

Housing contact

International coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine

International.mef@ues.rs.ba, qaofficeuis@gmail.com