Residence Permit

Documents needed for Residence Permit

When applying for the temporary residence permit following documents must be submitted:

  1. Application for the first temporary residence permit/the request for extension of the residence permit in BiH (please fill in correctly and completely, in block letters)
  2. 150 BAM of administrative fee
  3. Photo 35x45mm
  4. Verified copy of passport, having validity of a minimum three months longer than the period of requested temporary residence (the page of passport with data and the page with the imprint of the entry stamp, the long-stay visa (visa D) or the sticker of the previously approved temporary residence)
  5. Certificate of registration of residence if the application was submitted on the territory of BiH
  6. Proof that student is enrolled in a higher education institution, in the current academic year
  7. Proof that student comes within the framework of exchange programs, i.e. youth mobility if students enroll the higher education institution on that basis
  8. Proof of provided funds required for subsistence for the current academic year in the amount of 400 KM per month or a written statement of a BiH citizen, or a foreigner with approved or permanent residence in BiH confirming maintenance during the intended stay with a proof of permanent source of income or other source of funding
  9. Medical certificate issued no later than three months before the day of submission of the request, from which it is evident that a student does not suffer from diseases that pose a threat to public health in BiH
  10. Proof of provided accommodation
  11. Proof of provided health insurance in BiH
  12. Certificate issued by the competent authority of the country of origin that no criminal proceedings have been instituted against the foreigner and that he has not been punished for criminal offenses, issued within the last six months

NOTE: documents 1-11 may be collected upon students’ arrival to Foca; only document no. 12 has to be obtained in the country of origin, before arrival

The documentation attached to the application in accordance with provisions of the Law on Movement and Stay of Foreigners shall be submitted in the original copy or a duly certified copy. Documentation in foreign language or script shall be submitted translated into one of the official languages in BiH by a notarized court interpreter.