Student conference in Brčko

At the Faculty of Economics in Brčko, on Friday 07.03.2024. A multi-ethnic student conference was held in which the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Foča, Prof. Dr Dejan Bokonjić, took part, together with the foreign students from the first, second and third year of study.

After some interviews with our students, regarding their opinion about the Faculty of Medicine Foča and their opinion about the congress, the opening speech and the presentation of some scientific-research works of students from different faculties began, thanks to which it was possible to learn several new things about with different fields of study.

Foreign students studying at the Faculty of Medicine Foča, who come from Italy, India and Egypt, subsequently had the opportunity to express their experiences in BiH and present topics of their choice.

After the conference, a reception was organized at a local winery, where the students had the opportunity to talk, meet people and learn more about different cultures, while tasting wine and appetizers.

The students described this day as a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people and an unforgettable adventure that helped them increase their knowledge and expand their connections.